Enjoy the exhilarating experience of cruising on your own snowmobile around a snow covered 54 hole golf course with friends and family. Choose from a 2km, 5km or 10km ride. Our machines are limited to 60km per/hr so beginners are very welcome. Children down to the age 13 can drive and children between 12 and 5 years of age can double with an adult. All safety equipment is provided. Bookings are not required.

Place: Kitahiroshima
Term: 17 Dec - 5 March ( snow dependant )
Time: 9:30~17:00

<include tax>

1 person : ActiveCoupon 8 piece
2 person : ActiveCoupon 11 piece
with stuff : ActiveCoupon 8 piece

ActiveCoupon 5 piece ¥1,000

Other: * It is safty to ride for beginner
* You don't need resevation
* We have insurance of liability
Be killed ¥10,000,000
Hospitalization ¥5,000
Attend a hospital ¥3,000
* Cancellation by customer reason will require canceling fee.
day before reservation,30%.
until the reservation time,50%.
It will be no refund of fees can be made, either "after the program
started" or "not canceling reservation".