Ice Fishing

Every year on Lake Kanayama you will see many small huts placed on the ice from which people fish. You too can experience this truly unique tradition as you sit in the comfort of our cabin and fish for the small but delicious Wakasagi fish. You will catch anywhere from 10-30 fish during the 2 hr period all of which you can enjoy right there and then on the ice, tempura style. Wash your freshly cooked fish down with hot tea.

Place: Lake Kanayama
Term: 25 Dec ~ 15 March
Time:  9:00~12:30

<include tax>

Adult : ¥5,400 ( over 13 years old )
Child : ¥4,320 ( 3 – 12 years old )

Other: * The minimum number of participants is 2 persons.
* We have insurance of liability
1 accident ¥500,000,000
1 person ¥100,000,000
* You will go to somewhere without cancel reservation you have to pay the money
* Pick up service is available if you spend more than 6,000 yen.
* Cancellation by customer reason will require canceling fee.
day before reservation,30%.
until the reservation time,50%.
It will be no refund of fees can be made, either "after the program
started" or "not canceling reservation".