Fossil Excavation

Being a volcanically formed island, Hokkaido was once under the sea. In the district of Ashibetsu you will be able to discover ancient fossils preserved in the rock and slate. Using real archaeological tools find your own prehistoric piece of the past.

Place: District of Ashibetsu
Term: 20 May - 3 Nov
Time: 9am – 12:30pm
1:30pm – 5pm

<include tax>

Adult ( over 13 years old ) : ¥4,860
Child ( 5 – 12 years old ) : ¥3,780

Other: * The level is beginner
* We have tool of Canoeing and life jacke
* If the weather is bad we will stop the tour
* We have insurance of liability
1 accident ¥500,000,000
1 person ¥100,000,000
* Cancellation by customer reason will require canceling fee.
day before reservation,30%.
until the reservation time,50%.
It will be no refund of fees can be made, either "after the program
started" or "not canceling reservation".