4W Motorbike and Snow-Carts

Race around our snow course on our 4 wheel motorbikes or our custom built snow-cart. With speeds of up to 80 km per/hr possible you are in for one thrilling ride. Drift the bike or cart wide as you fly around the corners as you try to out-do your friends times on our 1km (3laps) course – truly an awesome snow experience. All safety equipment is provided.

Place: Furano Snow Motor Land Course
Term: 1 Dec ~ 31 Mar
Time: 8:30~17:00

<include tax>

【4W bike】

80 cc : ¥1,800

200 cc : ¥2,160

【Snow cart】


Other: * Children under 12 cannot participate
* The level is beginner
* We have insurance of passenger
Be killed ¥10,000,000
Hospitalization ¥5,000
Attend hospital ¥3,000
* Pick up service is available if you spend more than 6,000 yen.
* If weather is bad we will stop the tour
* Cancellation by customer reason will require canceling fee.
day before reservation,30%.
until the reservation time,50%.
It will be no refund of fees can be made, either "after the program
started" or "not canceling reservation".